If you are a Master or Guru in your performing arts field, with unmatched experience, teaching acumen and adequate social media fan following, “The Masters” is the right platform for you to start growing your global client base who want to learn from you and enhance their skills with your comprehensive teaching program.


“The Masters” is a unique platform which helps all the Masters in their respective fields to get online and share their knowledge by way of:

Pre-Recorded Masterclasses

Live one-to-many coaching sessions

Live One-to-One exclusive training sessions


You can define your course content strategy and provide the content to us as per our agreed formats.  We only work on a revenue sharing pattern and do not pay upfront for any content.  This means we both grow together as long as your course if preferred by the audience worldwide.


We are a global platform with International payment gateway setup so you can get learners form any corner of the world, all at one place on your program page on The Masters.


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