Paul Jackson

World Renowned Origami Professor

World Renowned Origami Artist, Professor, Author, Exhibitor & Mentor


Born near Leeds, England and Fine Art educated, Paul Jackson has been a professional paper artist, paper engineer, writer and teacher since 1983, specializing in origami and the folded arts.  He was one of the first origami professionals in the West.

He has written more than 40 books, the first of which were origami books for adults and children.  His more recent books have been about the application of folding techniques into design, a subject he has taught in more than 80 Universities and Colleges in 13 countries, to Design Students of many disciplines, including Fashion, Architecture, Ceramics, Jewellery, Product Design and Textiles.

He was one of the pioneers of folding/origami as Fine Art and has exhibited his folded artworks in many galleries and museums.  He has also curated several ground-breaking exhibitions of origami, undertaken many commercial commissions for print, screen-based media, festivals and more, and has been a consultant for companies such as Siemens, Nike, Tetra-Pak and Tata.

Paul, along with his wife Miri Golan, founded the Folding Together project and the Origametria programme of using origami to teach geometry.  In 2018, Origametria was accepted by the Israeli Ministry of Education into the National Mathematics Curriculum and is studied weekly by 30,000+ children of Primary School age.

In 2017, he was awarded the Sydney French Medal at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the British Origami Society, ‘in recognition of his outstanding contributions to origami’.

Paul has been an acclaimed Professor and Mentor for many Design, Engineering and Business Schools worldwide.  He has been teaching “Origami for Art, Design & Engineering” themed subjects in Institutions like Brigham Young University (Idaho, US), Lincoln University (UK), Estonian Academy of Arts, Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), MIT (Boston, US), Northeast University (Boston), Cas Del lector (Spain), University of Arts (Berlin) and over 30 more prominent Universities and Institutions.

Fold Arches, Bridges & Tubes

Rs 15000/- Rs 6500/-

13 Sessions

Fold Arches, Bridges & Tubes (English)

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Session (13)

  1. Fold Arches Bridges & Tubes
    1. 1. Introduction - Fold the Basic Motif
    2. 2. 8 X 8 grid of Motifs - Arch Folding
    3. 3. Hoops & Tubes - Various Configurations
    4. 4. Flexible Hoops & Tubes
    5. 5. Stretching & Compressing the Motifs
    6. 6. Compressed & Deployable Arch
    7. 7. Stretched & Deployable Arch
    8. 8. Ultra Stretched Arch
    9. 9. Folding a Multi-Repeat Arch
    10. 10. Principles of Designing Semi Regular & Irregular Grids
    11. 11. Combine Motifs & Prisms - Create Arches & Tubes
    12. 12. Principles of Designing Asymmetrical Arches & Tubes
    13. 13. Summary & Culmination of the Session
  2. Images & Layouts